All your money in the market is at risk and interest gains are taxable

  • 100% guaranteed principle
  • Guaranteed interest rates as high as 8.44% compounded annually
  • Qualified money can be transferred without current taxation or penalty
  • Participates in market gains, but not market losses
  • Guaranteed 100% retention of all interest earned
  • No annual income taxes applicable
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Estate settled outside of probate court
  • Guaranteed lifetime income at retirement option
  • Healthcare benefits – Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, Confinement waivers option
  • Death benefits higher than account value
  • Available annual 10% withdraws without penalty
  • Safest place for money


Have Questions About Retirement Income Planning?
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Do you like the safety of Bank Certificates of Deposits (CDs), but want higher rates of returns and more benefits? If so, you may want to consider one of our Safe Retirement Solutions.

As we get older, (1) the size of the pot of money we accumulate is NOT as important as our guaranteed income cash flow. (2) We simply don’t have enough time to recover from an economic turndown or stock market meltdown. You need to start planning for the long haul, non-working years.


“Lifetime Income Benefit Riders” are known by a variety of terms. Some companies refer to these products as “Guaranteed Income Withdrawal Benefits,” The bottom line: This rider, unlike annuitization allows the policyholder to take a lifetime income without losing control of this retirement asset. In short, you can stop and start at any time and the account value can continue to grow. The Lifetime Income Rider assures you that you will never run out of money or live too long. These payouts can provide “single life income” or “joint lifetime income.”

“Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, Confinement Waivers” are riders that provide important benefits, such as: complete liquidity after a certain period of confinement, and increased payouts in the event you experience some degree of incapacity that prohibits you from operating independently. Other riders for inflation and death benefit enhancement are also available. Please make sure to look at each company’s riders as they differ from company to company.

Bottom line: an income rider and a confinement rider can make retirement more enjoyable with a lot less stress.


Money remaining grows without being taxed until withdrawn. Unlike qualified retirement accounts where you must begin taking out money around age 70, most contracts permit the owner to enjoy the advantage of tax deferral until age 85, 90, or even later. Tax-deferred does not mean tax-free; interest is taxed when withdrawn. Also, the Treasury Department charges a 10% penalty on interest, in addition to regular taxes, if withdrawals are made before age 59.


  • Provides income you cannot outlive
  • Protects your principal from loss
  • Guarantees 7% to 8.44% rate of return
  • Protects your earned interest from loss
  • Participates in market gains, but NOT market losses
  • Tax Deferral

Interest grows tax-deferred. Money in qualified plans grows tax-deferred. An IRA grows tax-deferred as does your 401(k); a qualified plan.


Fixed annuities do not subject principal and credited interest to market risk. A fixed annuity is as safe as the insurance company issuing the annuity. Insurance companies have an exceptional record of safety, which is why they are a safe money place.


In the event of death, most fixed annuities pay the account value to the named beneficiary and no penalties are charged. Some annuities do assess surrender penalties at death, though a few others require the account value to be paid out over time. Therefore, you should determine if the annuity’s terms meet your needs.
If you desire, you can set up an annuity so that your surviving spouse may keep the annuity in force. The California Insurance Department recently released an annuity report that says, “in a fixed annuity the amount remaining in the annuity at the annuitant’s death stays with the insurance company.” This is WRONG - it would only be true if you chose the most restrictive annuitization payout option. The insurance company DOES NOT KEEP YOUR MONEY IF YOU DIE when you own a deferred fixed annuity. We hope California fixes this incredible misstatement in their report soon!

We're here to listen, help, and educate you about your Safe Money Choices. Please schedule a financial review with one of our Safe Money Places Professionals and get the answers you've been looking for. It's never too late or too early to start!


Before we can recommend solutions to you, we first need to learn what your goals are, what keeps you up at night, and figure out what kind of retirement you envision. After we assess your situation, we will develop a personalized strategy with safe money product solutions.

There are many considerations that will affect your decision, such as fixed income, healthcare, how much savings you have, and what stage you’re at in your retirement planning. With all the options out there, it's confusing and overwhelming for anyone! We will address all of this during our discussion.


We provide our clients with the knowledge about how “safe money products” can provide income vehicles during retirement, help preserve their estates, and how certain financial products can do BOTH. We are here to educate you about your choices and help you achieve your financial goals to live fulfilled and happy retirement.



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