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Health Care Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control! And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It.

Personal Pension Plan

The new retirement model is all about longevity consideriing most of us will live 25-35 years into retirement, the average lifespan is increasing, women statistically live longer than men do. Most people are concerned that their Social Security, pensions, and 401(k)s won't be enough income to sustain their retirement, and if they aren't then they should be. The Personal Pension Plan will help you create a guaranteed lifetime income that can provide you and your spouse income for life that cannot be outlived.  



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We are Greater Cincinnati's Health Care Expense Reduction Experts; delivering the "Best of the Best," solving employer's benefit affordability issues.

We deliver concierge service, solving healthcare and healthcare benefit needs. Our custom crafted healthcare solutions create long-term solutions. Our benefits attract and retain talent. We improve benefit satisfaction and reduce healthcare need through better health. Technology, service and innovative risk management solutions that meet the serious challenges faced in the Era of Health Care Reform.

Our mission is to assist people in achieving a better state of health. A quality lifestyle is correlated with heatlhy behavior. We design benefits plans that are customer-focused solutions, identifyin benefits need from your past 24 months of healthcare consumption. We are recognized as an independent strategic partner.

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