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President of Hettesheimer Insurance Agency, Inc.; Manager of Group Agent Resources, LLC; Manager of Dynamic Group Presentations, LLC; COO of Lifestyle Risk Calculator, LLC.

Mr. Hettesheimer has specialized in employee benefits since 1977. For the past 6years, he has focused on healthcare analytics, population health management, predictive modeling and the philosophy of benefit's design and implementation and has been instrumental in national healthcare reform initiatives. He has invented technology and is considered to be a top technology aggregator.

Mr. Hettesheimer's success as a Benefit's Producer can be attributed to persistent motivation and will to succeed. His current endeavors position him as an elite Healthcare Expense Reduction Expert. Mr. Hettesheimer's extraordinary team is unequaled in Risk Management, innovative technology and "next Generation" services. Solutions include an integrated benefits optimization software to matching plan design with employer/employee spending, insurance coverage, and incentives. This extraordinary team "Think Tank" is achieving healthcare reform, helping to solve the nation's healthcare crisis. The "Think Tank" of private entrepreneurs forms a true Healthcare Management Group, improving access to care, higher quality care and effectively reducing healthcare need. Technology and automated processes drive all of the deliverables; a new philosophy of benefit design drives benefit efficiency and engagement, creating new financial and clinical outcomes. Benefit design with an integrated strategic networking approach assists employers with ongoing engagement and motivation goals.

Mr. Hettesheimer has vast knowledge and experience in leveraging technology, strategic tactics, with tried and proven employee benefit designs making his team "The Healthcare Expense Reduction Experts."

In addition to his professional achievements, he earned NAHU's Lifetime Achievement award in 1996, served as the Legislative chair for GCAHU, served on the OAHU board and was appointed as a summit delegate for the State of Ohio in 1999 for legislative and mandated issues by the Governor of Ohio. He created and managed 3 annual fundraising events for the American Cancer Society and another for Cincinnati's Center for Developmental Disorders. Mr. Hettesheimer is an alumnus of The University of Cincinnati and served as a Grand Officer for the Sigma Chi Fraternity, serving as the Grand Praetor for the Southern Ohio Province for 5 years. He has also assisted fundraising for the Huntsman's Cancer institute and St. Jude's Hospital.

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We are Greater Cincinnati's Health Care Expense Reduction Experts; delivering the "Best of the Best," solving employer's benefit affordability issues.

We deliver concierge service, solving healthcare and healthcare benefit needs. Our custom crafted healthcare solutions create long-term solutions. Our benefits attract and retain talent. We improve benefit satisfaction and reduce healthcare need through better health. Technology, service and innovative risk management solutions that meet the serious challenges faced in the Era of Health Care Reform.

Our mission is to assist people in achieving a better state of health. A quality lifestyle is correlated with heatlhy behavior. We design benefits plans that are customer-focused solutions, identifyin benefits need from your past 24 months of healthcare consumption. We are recognized as an independent strategic partner.

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