Scott Hettesheimer has 44+ years’ experience working in the Health Care Marketplace. His focus is on managing the entire healthcare supply chain and eliminating fraud, abuse and overcharging. The philosophy of benefit design integrated with the individual’s healthcare needs is foremost.

Hettesheimer has invented technology and is a top technology aggregator. Hettesheimer is a Co-Author of Employer's Guide to Medical Tourism Benefit Design, National Event Speaker, past Legislative Chair for GCAHU, and Inventor Lifestyle Risk Calculator. Mr. Hettesheimer is an expert in Health Care Management Strategic Planning including all aspects of Alternative Funding and “Next Generation” Cost Containment Strategies. 11 years ago, he formed a group of National Industry leaders providing healthcare delivery solutions that reduce health care consumption and cost. “All of our solutions are 100% transparent and are delivered to a Fiduciary Standard.” We custom craft comprehensive high-performance health care benefit solutions for employers that improve “Benefit Satisfaction” which improves employee retention and helps to attract new talent. Mr. Hettesheimer is the Longest tenured NAHU member in the country. Our brands include Hettesheimer Insurance Agency, Advanced Benefit Design Institute, Veridence 365 and Lifestyle Risk Calculator.

Mr. Hettesheimer has vast knowledge and experience in leveraging technology, strategic tactics, with tried and proven employee benefit designs making his team "The Healthcare Expense Reduction Experts."

An Alumnus of the University of Cincinnati; Life Loyal Sigma Chi and Past National Grand Officer, Scott is the longest tenured member of the National Association of Health Underwriters, past chair of The GCAHU Legislative Committee and recognized in 1996 as a Lifetime Member of the Leading Producers Round Table, placing him among top insurance and benefit advisors nationwide. He was named a summit delegate by a past Governor of Ohio, for legislative and mandated insurance issues, 1999.

In addition to his professional achievements, He created and managed 4 fundraising events for the American Cancer Society and Cincinnati's Center for Developmental Disorders. He has also assisted fundraising for the Huntsman's Cancer institute and St. Jude's Hospital.